Chateau de la Marjoleine (Champagne, FR)

Chateau de la Marjoleine (Champagne, FR)

Only a few hours drive from Rotterdam (Club du Vin HQ), you’ll find ghost city Essomes-sur-Marne, and just outside the village, there’s heaven.

Yep, it does exist. Vineyards as far as you can see and the idyllic Chateau de la Marjoleine. Perfection.

French movieset

”STOPPPPPP! Wait, I think I saw something!!” yells one of my friends. And so, we leave big fat skid marks on the roads of Champagne. We are welcomed by a happy Frenchman (say what?) and his two semi-friendly barkers.

Entree! It’s like entering a French movie set. Chandeliers, dark oak cabinets and a white stairwell that leads us to our rooms. These are romantically decorated with 5 thousand flowers.

Speaking of flowers, the garden is packed with all kinds of… flowers. Also, a lot of male torsos, which makes me feel at home immediately :) We start shooting some selfies and enjoying the great weather. Suddenly, Jean-Pierre, the happy Frenchman, pops out of the kitchen: ”Voulez-vous une coupe de Champagne, mes filles?” We sure do!

After we quaffed our Champagne paired with some cheesy puff pastry, Jean-Pierre asked us to come inside for dinner. Same wow-moment as the entrance hall – very Frenchy.

A special kind of fastfood

We had a nice soufflé made of salmon, leek and Gruyere cheese as a starter – accompanied by an soft white from Cotes-du-Rhone. Followed immediately by the second course,  a piece of brie from the region paired with a fruity Syrah, gosh, truly a delight. The wine stayed on the table for the main course: filet the canard (duck) with marinated fresh-from-the-garden-zucchinis and a white wine-truffle sauce. And we finished our little ”diner-ensemble” deliciously with a -huge- apricot pie. A less ”no-time-to-waste”-attitude would have made it perfect. Time for bed, now.

Time for breakfast

When we woke up the next morning, Bruno (Jean’s partner) had already set up the table for breakfast. Croissants, baguettes, pain au chocolate, hmmmm. And about an hour later, we sipped our first Champagne again. Life is pretty fantastique here.

From golden lining plates to a toilet dark room. Chateau de la Marjoleine’s got it all! Oh, and don’t forget to book your dinner in advance, otherwise you are forced to go to the McDonalds, 10 km ;-)

Don’t forget…

TIP: You should really visit some of the ”petit producteurs de Champagne”, like Leroy in Villers-aux-Noeuds. Very good quality Champagne for half the price of what you’d normally pay (I’d say around 14 euros a bottle). There’s a Dutch saying: ”You are thief of your own wallet if you don’t buy this”. True that! Buy now! 20 boxes!

Wanna go? Check here for rates and more information. 

Ik ben Nadien de Visser, wijnliefhebber pur sang. Ooit begonnen door een studie in Frankrijk en bij thuiskomst Le Club des Vins opgericht. Dé plek om je wijnkennis bij te spijkeren.