How to answer WSETDiploma questions?

You have only ten minutes per answer, so you don’t want to waste too much time figuring out the structure of your answer. I checked the specifications, previous exams and blogs of graduates to come up with a set of bullets per question type. Hope it helps!

Grape variety questions

Example: Write about pinot meunier

  • Characteristics of the grape (type, colour, sugar, tannins, flavour)
  • Location (how and where it’s grown, soil, climate)
  • Production (viticulture, vinification methods)
  • Examples of well-known producers working with the grape
  • Scale of production

Producer questions

Example: Write about Moet & Chandon

  • Who, what, where, how, why?
  • Historical background
  • Key brands
  • Principle markets
  • How they respond to local challenges (such as ownership, labour issues, etc.)

Regions or countries

Example: Write about Piemonte

  • Location & climate
  • Topography & soils
  • Grape varieties
  • Viticulture
  • Vinification & wine styles
  • Scale of production
  • Legislation (labelling terms)
  • History, today and future developments (including marketing)

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